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Essential Oils
Method of Use: 
Aromatic, Topical, and Internal [Vitality]
Dilution Ratio: 
Body Systems Affected: 
Immune System, Muscles and Bones

Lemongrass essential oil (Cymbopagon flexuosus) originates in Southeast Asia and is distilled from the leaves and woody stalks of the lemongrass plant . It has an aroma that is lemony and grassy, but also a little bitter and pungent.  It is a purifying oil that contains the naturally occurring constituent geranial and supports overall well-being. It has a subtle citrus-herb scent, and offers a sophisticated and relaxing aroma.

Lemongrass can irritate sensitive skin, so make sure to test on small area prior to use and always use a carrier oil to dilute.

Lemongrass essential oil can be worn alone (diluted) or mixed with other complementary oils to help awaken the senses. It is an important ingredient in in some Young Living oil blends and products including Purification, En-R-Gee, Digize, and Ortho Sport blends.


  • Cleansing, Calming, Clarity, Regeneration, Purifying, Protecting
  • Reduces muscle and body aches
  • Helps support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria (which is why it is used in many conventional cleaning products)
  • Wards off insects
  • Supports normal digestion
  • May help improve circulation, wake up the lymphatic system and increase the flow of oxygen
  • Diffuse Lemongrass as an air purifier to inspire a sense of clarity and relaxation in your home or workplace.
  • Add 3–4 drops in a sink full of dishes, a load of laundry, or your all-purpose cleaner formula for a fresh, clean-smelling boost.
  • Combine with V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex as part of a  healing massage after exercise.
  • Use to enhance the flavor of meals.

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