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Tea Tree

Essential Oils
Method of Use: 
Aromatic, Topical
Dilution Ratio: 
Body Systems Affected: 
Immune System, Respiratory System, Muscles and Bones, Skin
Not for children under 6 years old; use with caution and in greater dilution for children 6 years and over.

Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca alternifolia), one of the most well-known essential oils, has a fresh, crisp aroma.  It includes the naturally occurring constituents terpinene-4-ol, gamma terpinene and alpha-terpinene, and is lauded for its cleansing and purifying properties.

Tea Tree is included and a key ingredient in Young Living’s Purification and Melrose essential oil blends, Animal Scents and Rose ointments, and ClaraDerm.

Fun Fact: Tea tree esential oil was a standard issue for a soldier’s tool kit during WWII in Australia. It was considered a first aid in a bottle. 


  • Promotes cleansing and purity.
  • Has been used for centuries to help to heal cuts, wounds, and skin infections.
  • Strong immune buidling properties.
  • Helps maintain a healthy-looking scalp and hair
  • Reduces the appearance of blemishes
  • Fungal support for feet and toenails.
  • Can ease the symptoms of bug bites, itchy skin, acne.
  • Can help in combating lice, pet fleas, and mold.
  • Add Tea Tree to your favorite lotions and moisturizers to enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin.
  • Dilute it with your preferred carrier oil and apply it to reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Apply it to fingernails and toenails when needed.
  • Diffuse for a cleansing, pure aroma to fill your home or workplace, or inhale it directly to be uplifted and enjoy a sense of clarity.

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